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What are the shock absorbers?

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 The shock absorber is undoubtedly an important component of the car. When the vehicle encounters a bumpy road section during driving, it is completely necessary to rely on the buffer and damping of the shock absorber to ensure the stability and safety of the vehicle body. If the buffering link is damaged, it will affect the driving experience. And the body safety has a great influence. Common shock absorber types are: hydraulic shock absorbers, spring shock absorbers, rubber shock absorbers, air cushion shock absorbers, and so on. Shock absorbers on automobiles are mostly hydraulic shock absorbers.

1. On flat roads, you can hear the "click" sound of the front of the vehicle slightly, and the sound becomes louder when turning sharply. During parking inspection, press the front of the vehicle hard and make it rebound up and down, abnormal sound appears, and the greater the force, the louder the sound.
Diagnosis 1: Vehicles are usually driven on poor roads and improperly maintained, causing shock absorbers to leak oil and damage them.
Solution: This condition is to be repaired or replaced depending on the severity of the damage.
2. Oil leakage, oil seeps out from the oil seal in the upper part of the shock absorber body, and once the shock absorber moves, the dripping of oil becomes more and more severe.
Diagnosis 2: Loss of sealing performance due to damage to the oil seal caused by damage to the piston rod or adhesion of foreign matter.
Solution: In this case we recommend replacing the new parts or new shock absorbers.
3. When the vehicle starts or brakes, the body is violently up and down, and the occupants feel unsteady. .
Diagnosis III: Damper aging.
Solution: We recommend to replace the shock absorber so that the body will bump up and down, small vibrations to reduce, making the ride more stable and comfortable.
Shock absorbers are usually inspected every 100,000 kilometers. There may be slight differences in the maintenance intervals between different models. When your car needs to be replaced, please refer to the "Self-Maintenance" function.

Note: It is better to replace two shock absorbers at a time when there is a need to replace the shock absorber. If there is a problem with a front or rear shock absorber, it is necessary to reduce the front shock absorber or replace the two shock absorbers with one steamer, because when you replace one, the car Non-uniform balance force will cause shock absorbers to have different forces, and shock absorbers will also appear!
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