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How to install the shock absorber, what should you pay attention to when installing it?

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How should we install the shock absorber? What else do you need to pay attention to when installing? The following Wuxi Xixi Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. will tell you:

1. The shock absorber should be symmetrically arranged along the center axis of the pump unit. The shock absorber arrangement can be arranged clockwise or counterclockwise.

2. When the unit's shock absorber has six mounting points, four of them are arranged on the corners of the inert block or steel frame, and the other two should be set on the long side line, and adjust its position to make the shock absorber compressive deformation. Keep as much as possible.

3. When mounting the damper spring isolator with the horizontal pump unit, the damper should be fixed to the ground, an inert block, or a profiled steel base with a connecting nut.

4. When the vertical pump unit vibration isolator, in the water pump unit base, should be installed steel frame and anchor installation; steel frame and shock absorber bolt (plus spring washer) fixed. Install anchor bolts on the floor or floor. Shock absorbers are fixed to the floor or floor through the anchor bolts.

5. The sideline of the shock absorber must not exceed the edge of the inert block; the support area of ​​the steel stand should not be less than the area of ​​the shock absorber.

6. Before construction and installation, it shall be checked in a timely manner. During the installation, the static compression deformation of the shock absorber shall not exceed the maximum allowable value.

7. When the pump unit is installed, the supporting surface of the pump unit installed in the pump unit should be flat and should have sufficient bearing capacity.

8. The unit's shock absorber should avoid contact with substances such as acids, alkalis and organic solvents.

The above is how to install the shock absorber, what should be noted when installing, if you still have unclear you can inquire. We will serve you wholeheartedly. Thank you for your browsing and support.
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