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Belkin Vibration Reduction Equipment Manufacturing (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan City, which is ranked as the top one of the top 100 counties in the country. It is bordered by Shanghai, an international metropolis, and Suzhou, a historical and cultural city in the west. It is a modern high-tech enterprise that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for vibration control problems in various industries. It has many years of manufacturing experience in vibration damping and equipment anti-vibration products in industrial plants.

All of our products are developed on our own with reference to the latest technology, and the orientation and quality of our products have always been at the forefront of the industry. In recent years, our company has applied for more than 10 patents, and obtained "Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise" in 2015 and "High-tech Enterprise" in 2017 has greatly increased our company\\'s hard power and core competitiveness of technological innovation.

The Belkin series has a wide range of product types, which can be classified into air-floated shock absorbers, rubber shock absorbers, spring-type shock absorbers, suspension shock absorbers, inert shock-proof bases, and anti-micro-vibration platforms, depending on the type; In substation equipment, three coordinate, high speed punch, air compressor, exhaust fan, cooling tower, water pump, industrial washing machine, heavy generator, air conditioning main engine, engine and so on. Belkin continues to invest in expanding the R&D department and adding various testing instruments and equipment, with a view to improving the product design technology and the production of high-quality anti-vibration products for domestic industry use. The company itself has perfect detection capabilities and strong follow-up manufacturing capabilities, and can perform one-to-one customization of products according to the requirements of users. The company received users\\' consistent high praise for its first-class products and superb technical service.

Belkin\\'s employees adhering to the development tenet of pragmatism, quality, service and innovation. After years of hard work, they have made great strides in company operations, product development, processing technology, production technology and production equipment. The shock absorbers we produce are widely used in many industries around the world, such as mechanical, automotive, petroleum, chemical, semiconductor, iron and steel, electric power, construction, papermaking, and nuclear power systems.

Belkin offers not only shock absorbers but also engineering solutions for vibration and shock problems!
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